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“I think the biggest thing is finding something you’re passionate about and really going all-in on it. There’s no...

“When I got out after 12 years I was married, we had our first child and were looking at...

For our 100th episode, I thought I would share my own story. Justin M. Nassiri is the Founder &...

“At that point we had about 25 employees and things seemed to be going well… and then the financial...

“One of the first things I heard in grad school was: Get used to B’s instead of A’s. And...

This week I’m trying out a completely new interview format. If you’d like to listened to the full, unedited...

In this interview, I take a look at Cal Newport’s book, Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a...

“I wrote two books before I decided to leave and do write full-time. You’ve got to...

“I was 27 years old, 158 pounds, and I hadn’t played football in five years. And I decided that...

“My job now is so delightfully meaningless and inconsequential that the...