Veterans in Consulting

How to identify, evaluate, and pursue a career in consulting

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What is the Veterans in Consulting seminar?

Veterans in Consulting is a live, 75-minute online seminar for Active Duty members of the Armed Forces and recently transitioned military veterans to assist in evaluating a career in Management Consulting. The seminar is hosted by Zoom video conference, and will feature a panel of three veterans who transitioned directly from Active Duty to Management Consulting. The seminar is designed to inform attendees of why they may love (or hate) a career in Consulting, understanding the Consulting landscape and career progression, and how best to apply to and prepare for Management Consulting interviews.

About Justin M. Nassiri

About Justin M. Nassiri

Host of Veterans in Consulting

After serving five years on the USS Alaska (SSBN 732G), I was ready to start my civilian career. My thinking was as simple as (1) I like managing people, (2) I guess if you want to manage people in the civilian sector it has something to do with business, (3) I guess I’ll go to business school.

At Stanford Business School, I learned about career options I had never heard of while in the military, and received the training and exposure to launch my own venture-backed startup. The downside was that came with an $180k price tag, and a two year opportunity cost… not the ideal for most people.

This last year with Beyond the Uniform, I’ve interviewed over 115 military veterans about their civilian career. In doing so I’ve seen trends in the unique challenges that members of the Armed Forces face in this transition. My intention with Reprogramming is to cover the most often asked questions from the Beyond the Uniform community, as well as share the best advice I’ve heard from the 115 veteran interviews to date.

Seminar Overview

This seminar will consist of:

  • Pre-Seminar Survey to Submit & Vote on Panel Questions
  • 45-min Live Panel Conversation
  • 30-min Question & Answer Period
  • Copy of Video Seminar
  • Electronic Copy of Veterans in Consulting E-Book


Topics covered include:


  • What Management Consulting Firms should Veterans consider?
  • What are typical entry positions for each Management Consulting Firm?
  • What is the typical roles at each Consulting Firm and how long does it typically take to advance?
  • What careers do Consultants pursue after their time consulting?
  • What is a range of pay one can expect at each progression level?
  • What is the lifestyle component associated with Management Consulting?
  • How to get a Management Consulting interview?
  • How to prepare for a Management Consulting interview?


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